Bulldogs All Girls Continue to Improve

Posted on: 9 Mar 2022

Bury St. Edmunds Bulldogs U14 girls team travelled to Cambridge Cats Basketball Club, for a friendly game.

This year the focus has been on experience. Learning more about the game of basketball through training and games. Today was a great game to prove that the more games played, the more experience the girls have, the better they will be. And that was evident today!

The girls took a little while to get into the game, the first 6 or 7 minutes they seemed to be asleep. The bench was rotated and all players played during the first quarter. Cats number 23 was their dominant player, but due to brilliant defending from Millie Cooper she was kept away from the basket. Bulldogs had lots of chances during the first quarter, but weren’t clinical enough. They seemed to start playing their baseketball during the second quarter, out-scoring the opposition. Strong drives to the basket and passing the ball around helped put a few more points on the board.

Cats only scored 8 points during quarter 2 and 3, this was because of the hard work put in when playing defence. The girls knew who they were marking and prevented the Cats from getting to the basket. Bulldogs scored 8 points in the second and third quarter and finished the game with an additional 9 points. It was just the first quarter, which let them down. The score was 19:19 going into the fourth quarter but unfortunately Bulldogs found themselves in foul trouble and Cats managed to pull out in front.

Millie Cooper led the scoring with 12 points, with Tilly Wooldridge contributing 5 points. Immy Ford and Soffina Eissa had 4 points each. And the captain Lily Edwards scored 3 points. Tilly Patchett and Rosie Pietzka are great new additions to the team, with Sahara Eissa, Lily Louden and Jasmine Stevenson showing more confidence during every game they play. Each player on the team contributed, with a solid defensive game from Grace Edwards.

Following the game, Coach Jo Brawn said:
“During the game I paused for a moment to just appreciate how much these girls have improved so far this season. Sometimes we get carried away with the score, but I believe that we put up such a fight during that game. We had so many attempts that didn’t fall in. We had possession of the ball for most of the game and our defending was fantastic. I have to mention the lovely spin move layup from Immy Ford, beautiful! I can’t fault the work ethic of these girls, they pushed through even when being behind for most of the game. Well done girls! Another game under the belt, more experience gained for the girls and a few more hours spent together. A lovely way to start my weekend!”

Final score: 28:37

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